Women Socks

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When the day starts and it is time to get and get dressed, there is one piece of clothing that completes your outfit. We are talking about the socks. Whether you go running are at practise or stroll through the city or the park, very rarely you will go without socks. JAKO socks are very comfortable in running shoes or normal shoes and sneakers. Whether you are looking for running socks, sport socks or compression socks. JAKO has a great choice for you.

The training sock PROFI for example is best for strenuous training session. Additional ankle support and a padded heel and toe area relive the feet and protect you from injury. JAKO socks also help you to avoid blisters form either new shoes or long runs. Women prefer the compression sock made by JAKO. The structure of the fabric made by 59 % polyester, 35 % polyamide and 6 % elastane speed up muscle recovery and improves athletic performance. Highest wearing comfort and well-being need to be part of daily life. For the summer, the JAKO liners and lowcut socks are perfect. The short comfort cuff makes sure the socks stay in place. The JAKO sport socks have a high cotton content and are very skin friendly. The cotton content absorbs sweat and increase the wearing comfort. Selected socks are available in up to six colours and in the sizes 3 (35-38), 4 (39-42), 5 (43-46) and 6 (47-50). Each woman can find their size.

Go get the JAKO socks for you closet.