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For any weather the perfect jacket. To stay warm and dry. Whether it is snow, wind, rain or sun. No matter which outdoor activity you have planned. You are well-prepared with our softshell, fleece, rain or hooded and winter jackets. The JAKO jacket collection offer many unique colours and is also well thought out. The JACO TEC CONCEPT supports teams and athletes to perform at their best. The function STOP WATER is ideal on stormy and windy days. They offer protection from wind and weather with their insulating functional fabrics. The function protects you from the wind chill effect and keeps you warm. Waterproof functional materials and sealed seams protect you from water and wetness. The great water vapour permeability guarantees a pleasant body feeling. With our softshell, fleece, rain or winter jackets you are prepared best. Go get the jacket you need at JAKO!   

Softshell jackets
The softshell jackets are made of 100 % polyester and protect the athlete from the cold and keep them warm while keeping a pleasant and ideal body climate. The function of the JAKO softshell jackets protect from cooling and against the wind chill factor. For kids, children and teenagers the jackets are available in the size 116-164. The JAKO softshell jackets with their elastic fibre and weather resistant function can ideally be used as between- season jacket.

Fleece jackets
Definitely an ultimate warmth dispenser is the JAKO fleece jacket as well as the JAKO fleece top. Ideal for both - indoors and outdoors. The fleece fabric has excellent heat insulation and is exceptionally lightweight for great wearing comfort. The perfect partner in any wind or weather conditions. The fleece jackets are soft and pleasant on the skin, durable and quick- drying. All JAKO fleece jackets are breathable and guarantee a pleasant body feeling. Just like all JAKO products, there is also a great range of colours available. Everyone will find their favourite colour. The high collar of the fleece jackets and zip tops protects from wind and cold. The zip of the jackets and tops has a zip cover at the end of the collar, so it doesn’t rub against the chin. All fleece tops made by JAKO are light and feel great on the skin.

Rain jackets
For the production of JAKO rain jackets we use high-quality fibre and material types. The all-weather jackets are of the JAKO teamlines score with a great variety of colours and sizes. All rain jackets and outdoor jackets have the function, which protects the body from cooling and the wind chill factor. Insulating functional materials offer great protection form wind and weather. The outdoor jackets have great details. During the manufacturing process of the rain and outdoor jackets, we emphasise on maximum flexibility and pleasant wearing comfort. Essential function of every rain jacket and outdoor jacket made by JAKO is the waterproof material.

Coach jackets & winter jackets
Water-resistant material, wind-proof seams and many other individual highlights speak for the JAKO coach and winter jackets for men. During the manufacturing of the jackets we exclusively use material made of 100 % cotton for pleasant wearing comfort. Great eye-catchers are the hood with fur, practical side pockets or the shiny upper material which guarantee a perfect appearance. Functional and custom-fit, the JAKO jackets fulfil the requirements you have at a winter or coach jacket. Try on and feel comfortable – thanks to the JAKO winter jackets freezing is a thing of the past.