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Gym bag, hipster bag, shoe bag. There are many names for the relatively small, useful bag, which can also be worn over the shoulders and on the back due to its cords. The JAKO gym bag is made of 100% polyester and is therefore robust and easy to clean.

Who are the gym bags suitable for? Children, ladies or gentlemen? No matter, the JAKO gym bags are suitable for every age and sex group due to their unique, modern design. And because they are very light and easy to carry, they are popular with everyone. The Tunbeutel is available in two different versions and in up to six different colours. You can also use the Gymsack as a shoe bag. Due to the size of 33 * 44 centimeters the bag has enough space for every pair of shoes. Cords are attached to the side of the shoe bag for easy carrying. You can hang the JAKO shoe bag on this cord and always transport it safely on your body. No matter what kind of sport you practise, everything finds its place in the gym bags, whether clothes, shoes or accessories. In addition, it can be very well refined with club logo or club coat of arms. So the shoe bag is individually designed for every athlete and club and you don't have to fight for the same looking JAKO Gymsacks.

The gym bag has many uses, whether in school, sports or leisure. It keeps your things safe for you and can always be transported comfortably. So the JAKO Gymsack also becomes your everyday companion.