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Training trousers ladies

Comfortable, hard-wearing and stylish - ladies' tracksuit trousers simply have to fit all round so that today's sporty woman feels comfortable in them and enjoys sports, whether jogging or Zumba. There is a wide range of women's training trousers available today, and that's a good thing: every sporty lady will find the perfect pair of sports pants for her needs

Material is the trump card for ladies' tracksuit trousers

High quality and light: sports trousers made of synthetic fibres
Most training trousers for women are made of high-quality synthetic fibres, for example polyester or polyamide. That's why your ladies' training pants are light, dry quickly and are comfortable to wear. 
Flexible like you: Training trousers with elastane
A spandex component in the ladies' sports trousers ensures that they are stretchy and adapt to your movements. This is more or less important depending on the sport - if you do yoga, you need training trousers with a higher proportion than when playing football. 
Very classic: cotton jogging trousers
Training trousers made of pure cotton are hardly ever worn for sports - they are usually too heavy and too warm. But as warm-up pants, these classic jogging trousers for women are very suitable and can be worn as wide models over tights or shorts before it gets really hot in your training. And you will certainly admit it: A comfortable pair of jogging trousers is the perfect piece of clothing for relaxing on the couch after a strenuous workout ...


Training trousers for women - the right model for every sport

And here we are with the different models of ladies training trousers - which one you choose depends on your training and also on where and when you do your sport.
Shorts: The training trousers for team sports
Wider cut shorts are the classic ladies' training trousers for team sports such as basketball, football or handball. They give you a lot of freedom of movement and are not restrictive. The tight shorts on the other hand are ideal for summer running or outdoor yoga.
¾-Pants: The most popular training trousers model
Sports trousers that stop below the knee or possibly in the middle of the calf are probably the most popular ladies' training trousers. Whether you are jogging, weight training at home or at the gym, these tight tights are nice and stretchy, but don't bother you because they fit tightly against your legs. The other models of ¾-Sport trousers for women are often worn for warm-up or during yoga and pilates.
Long training trousers: Good for all occasions
Whether it's for running in winter with the tight long tight or for the way to the gym with the wide cotton training pants over the tight: every sporty lady should have long training trousers in her wardrobe as they are simply practical and keep you warm.
Lined tracksuit trousers: For warm legs in winter
Nice and warm is also the keyword for lined women's training trousers, which are recommended for anyone who does outdoor sports even in low temperatures or has long breaks in cold gyms. Whether as tight or wide jogging pants: ladies' training trousers for the winter are also available in many different designs!