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What would the sport be without the ball? Many types of team and individual sports are based on the ball. JAKO balls differ in four different categories between many different designs and sizes. JAKO match balls are a must in any football game.

The official match balls PRESTIGE and MATCH 2.0 are FIFA PRO-licensed. The modern 14-panel construction makes the ball robust and prevents air loss. The training balls are predestined for use in training. With five unique models with up to three different colour combinations, every team will find the right ball. Whether machine- or hand-sewn, 14 or 32 panels. The footballs from JAKO are not only convincing in their design but are also highly functional. All training balls are IMS-certified. The bonding technology of the PRESTIGE training ball guarantees constant playing characteristics at any temperature. The seamless connections of the individual ball panels ensure minimal air loss and optimum bounce and flight behaviour. The balls are available in sizes 3, 4 and 5. With three light balls with different designs in five colours each, every youth team will find the right ball.

The new ball program convinces with variety and quality. The proven panel constructions in combination with revised materials and modern design guarantee optimum playing and flight behaviour in every situation. In addition to classic football, JAKO also offers mini balls. When the grass is closed in winter, you can use the JAKO indoor ball to carry out your training sessions in the hall. Futsal, the team sport, is also provided for. With three different balls with up to two different colour combinations, there is something for every team.

Get your ball now for the game and for training.