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The t-shirt has become an essential companion for any athlete. Every sporting outfit is completed by a t-shirt. For this reason, a t-shirt needs to be in every sports bag. Whether you are at practise on the football field or are running through the nature, up and down the hills. The JAKO t-shirt accompanies you. Playing handball, volleyball, tennis or at your daily fitness routine. For the team appearance before or after the match.

Its current status as a sportive, modern and daily clothing item, the t-shirt obtained at the beginnings of the 80ies of the 20th century. Previously, t-shirts were worn as underwear. Nowadays, you can’t imagine sports and leisure life without a t-shirt. Since a sports t-shirt can be worn at many different occasions, it is necessary to have a great selection of products. And JAKO has one.

Besides the t-shirts of the teamlines Performance, Challenge, Champ 2.0, Base, Classico and Premium, the JAKO selection also offers a great choice of t-shirt in its Premium, Basic and Running lines. In the Premium and Team line you are going to find your typical favourite piece – soft and comfortable, perfect for every-day activities it will give you a great wearing comfort. The JAKO t-shirts of the teamlines are perfect for individual athletes as well as sports teams Additionally, all t-shirts of the teamlines can be obtained up to 4 or even 5 years after their fist release. Up to ten colour combinations, a size range from 104 to 5XL and special cuts for women characterize the wide JAKO product diversity and offer suitable t-shirts for men, women and kids. Additionally, the t-shirts of each teamline can be easily combined with many other JAKO products, like a presentation jacket, a training jacket or shorts.  A uniform look is always guaranteed. Great for team outfits or individual athletes.