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It is not insignificant that football was named after its protagonist. Or have you ever seen a real soccer game without soccer? Since football has to fulfil many different requirements, JAKO has footballs for every purpose. With licensed play balls, long-lasting training balls, light balls for children and special indoor balls for the hall, the range of JAKO footballs is huge. Whether you are a hobby soccer player on the football field or a professional soccer player in a club, JAKO guarantees that you will find a round piece of play equipment that meets your requirements.

Our JAKO play balls are FIFA Pro licensed and therefore approved as official play balls. Due to their lightness and the joy of playing with them, these balls are an important part of every soccer game. The JAKO play balls consist of a robust, abrasion-resistant PU upper material with a nylon polyester carrier material for increased temperature resistance. The additional damping layer is responsible for better ball control and optimum flight characteristics. Even heavy kicking cannot harm them. Due to the fourfold lamination they are very resistant. The bubbles are made of soft natural rubber or latex and provide an optimal ball feeling and minimal air loss. With different models and colours, JAKO offers a wide range of playing balls, offering every team a large choice. The structured surfaces give the player excellent grip and an excellent feeling for the ball.

If you are looking for footballs for football training, which takes place several times a week, the JAKO training balls are just right. All training balls are made of robust material and the seams of the training balls are specially coated so that they last longer when used frequently during training. Our training balls are available in different price ranges, colours and sizes. So for everyone from children and youth to adults, there is the right football for the training.
JAKO offers special light balls for budding superstars and all beginners. In different sizes and weight classes from 290 grams to 360 grams, every child is offered an optimal feel for the ball. This gives them the opportunity to conjure on the lawn at an early age. With fantastic bright colours even the little ones will find a football with which they can have great fun on the football field and perhaps even mature into a professional footballer there. Due to its weight reduction and its smaller size, it fits perfectly to every child and in every sports bag. JAKO also offers indoor soccer balls with a special surface coating, which are perfect for indoor soccer games.

As you can see, there are many different footballs with different uses. Think about your requirements and choose the perfect ball for you. No matter which JAKO football you choose, our balls are of excellent quality and will arrive quickly and reliably.