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The right equipment is indispensable for almost all sports. Without a ball you can't do any ball sports. Goalkeeper gloves and shin guards provide protection and better performance during sports. With sports bags and backpacks you can transport your sportswear and other equipment comfortably to the sport and back again. And not to forget training accessories, with these you set new stimuli in training and bring you to maximum performance. We offer you all the equipment you need to be optimally equipped for your preferred sport or leisure time.

Athletes must be able to rely on their equipment, which is why we at JAKO pay attention to high-quality materials and a clean processing of our products. JAKO backpacks and bags are a must have for every athlete. In them you store all the things you need for the next training session or your next sports unit. With padded carrying straps and practical dividers of the bags, you can take your things effortlessly everywhere. Even in football, the right equipment is an essential goal. The JAKO footballs convince with their large requirement profile. Whether you need a certified play ball with the latest technologies or a long-lasting training ball, you'll find it here. We also have goalkeeper gloves and shin guards for you. Shin guards are mandatory for official games and rightly so. They protect the players and your body will thank you if you wear shin guards. Goalkeeper gloves also provide protection. However, they are primarily responsible for keeping your team's box clean.

Training equipment is not only important for football, in all other sports it is just as important that everyone is fit. Training accessories help you to train endurance, technique and strength and make every workout easier with marking caps, identification shirts and useful accessories. Of course you can also order JAKO training equipment for yourself and take your home workout to a new level.

As you can see there is a lot of different equipment for every purpose. From gym bags and coordination ladders to slippers, JAKO offers everything you need to be optimally equipped. And no matter whether you are a professional, beginner or amateur athlete, in the Equipment category you are guaranteed to find the right equipment.