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For some ladies, shopping for bargains is equally a part of their hobbies as going to the gym or playing football. All the better if you don't have to squeeze through crowded stores and pedestrian area, but can browse the JAKO Ladies Sale category from anywhere.

The sale, for women, includes all JAKO articles at special conditions. Whether for sports or leisure, here you will find women's sportswear and accessories with low prices for every purpose. In the Sale we offer Ladies T-Shirts, Tights, Tops, Training Jackets, Training Trousers, Functional Underwear, Jerseys, Shorts, Hoodies, Polos, Jackets and Accessories at low prices, without you losing the usual quality. Especially functional clothing and sports accessories can always be used and why you should not save some money. But also JAKO shirts and training pants you can never have enough for your next training or for the couch, at the lower prices. In the Sale each woman finds products in the suitable size and in many different color combinations and styles.

A real bargain hunter knows that she has to strike quickly as soon as she sees a suitable offer or discovers an item in the sale that she has been watching for some time. With the low prices in the JAKO Sale, no lady has trouble catching an offer.