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You and your club are looking for training equipment? JAKO also offers everything around ball accessories. In this category you will find numerous articles and a wide range of football equipment.

There is just the right accessory for every team. Ball nets and ball bags are used to store and transport balls. You can easily carry up to 20 balls at the same time. So no football is lost on the way from the ball cabinet to the football field. You can also order ball nets in various sizes from the JAKO Shop. The capacity of the nets is limited to 20, 10, 3 and 1. To inflate the balls before the game and training, JAKO offers the appropriate ball pump. You can use it to inflate the playing and training balls to the appropriate size and hardness. From now on the ball can no longer be used as an excuse for a missed penalty. Use JAKO's ball accessories to ensure a perfectly balanced air ratio. Don't let yourself down if a needle breaks when you inflate the balls. If you need spare needles for pump or compressor, you can order them in a pack of 3.

Have you ever desperately looked for a spare needle? With the JAKO ball accessories you can avoid the search. JAKO offers a large selection of ball accessories for all balls. Training sessions can take place under optimal conditions. Get your ball accessories now from the JAKO Store.