Kids Nechwarmer

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Snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures are part of winter. Everyone knows it is cold and hard to keep yourself warm when you are outside for a long time. You are wearing gloves and a hat and too keep your shoulder and neck area warm it would be ideal to also wear a neck warmer instead of a scarf. It is the best alternative to a scarf and is very practical.

When ice-cold wind bites your face, you can simply pull up the neck warmer over your mouth and nose while your neck is still covered. The material is pleasant on the skin and also quick drying. The ideal protection against is the neck warmer with the built-in cap. It helps to prevent shoulder and neck tension since your complete neck and shoulder will stay warm. The fleece neck warmer is available in 6 different colours. What a great colour selection. One size fits all, even kids and children. Go complete your sports outfit for the colder time of the year.