Women Polo shirts

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Whether it is football, tennis leisure time activities. When playing sports or in daily life activities very often the normal t-shirt is replaced by the modern polo shirt. The JAKO polo shirts for women are available as a sporty teamline design or in a classic leisure look.  The collections Performance, Challenge, Champ 2.0, Base, Striker 2.0, Classico and Premium also offer the polo shirt.

The tailored LADIES FIT is flattering to you figure. The KEEP DRY function keep a great body feeling when playing sports. Moisture is directly transported to the outside of the baric and keeps the body from cooling. Special functional fibres absorb unpleasant odours and have an anti-bacterial effect. The JAKO polo shirts help you to perform at you maximum. JAKO is also know for its great variety of colours and sizes. The polo is available in over 10 colours in the sizes 34-48 in the JAKO shop. A great selection for all women. Individual athletes as well as women teams will find their outfit. The polo shirt can be easily combined with many other JAKO products and teamlines. Presentation jacket, training jacket or short complete your outfit.

The polo shirt will be one of your favourites in no time. Order an outfit for your team or yourself with the matching polo shirt today.