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Each one has one. Each one needs one. The favourite pair of trousers. Popular as usual the jogging pants and trousers in a classic cotton polyester mix with a fleece inner lining. The jogging trousers left the couch a while ago and have now conquered the inner cities and downtowns with its laid-back and casual look. JAKO carries the comfortable trousers in several variations: with open hem, with cuffs, as shorts and other styles also with modern applications. For women, JAKO has special tailored fits like the jazz pants, ¾ capri pants or tight shorts as well as trousers and shorts with a high elastane content which feels very comfortable and looks great while playing sports.

Besides the classic jogging trousers JAKO also carries other pant styles in the product range. Whether you are looking for training trousers made of sturdy and durable interlock material, presentation or woven trousers with a mesh lining, or polyester trousers with hem and a shiny effect. Everyone can find their favourite pair of pants or trousers. The remarkable thing about our trousers selection is that we not only offer a great variety of materials and functionality but also various styles and models. The training trousers as shorts, ¾ pants, the presentation trousers and leisure trousers with or without inner lining in various colours and styles as well as shorts and polyester trousers in different colours and price categories. Everything is offer in special sizes for women, men and children. All trousers and pants match the teamlines Striker 2.0, Prestige, Competition 2.0, Champ, Classico and Striker. If you don’t have o"""The right clothing for sports is essential - this also applies to training trousers for men, which are naturally the main item of clothing for sports, alongside shirts and shoes. With training trousers, it depends on the fit, the material and sometimes also on the design, depending on the type of sport and your training intensity. In the following, we offer you a small purchasing advice for men's training trousers: We have examined the most important questions about tracksuit bottoms and provide you with answers to help you buy your men's tracksuit bottoms.

- What is a tracksuit pant?
- What is special about men's tracksuit bottoms?
- Length and functions of men's tracksuit bottoms
- What materials should men's training trousers be made of?
- Which training trousers do men wear for which sport?
- Tips for the care of men's training trousers
- Training trousers for men in everyday life


What is a tracksuit bottoms?

A pair of training trousers is what the name says: a pair of trousers that you wear during training/sporting. Other terms for tracksuit trousers are also sports trousers or jogging trousers. But the latter also stand for a certain laziness on the couch - or the modern man who follows the latest fashion trends and also wears tracksuit bottoms to the office. 


What is special about tracksuit bottoms for men?

Basically, men's tracksuit trousers have a wider and usually straighter cut than women's, but they also need a different cut at the crotch so that the wearer's feeling is really optimal with every movement. The designs are usually a bit more reserved, but men can also find bright colours in our range of tracksuit bottoms, and the possibility of individualising the tracksuit bottoms means that even more colour can come into play. 


Variations of tracksuit trousers for men

Different trouser lengths 
Training trousers are available in different designs, depending on what kind of sport you do and whether you do indoor or outdoor sports. There are different lengths of men's tracksuit trousers - from short football shorts or tennis shorts to ¾ and 7/8 trousers that stop just below the knee or in the calf, to long models.

Different widths for long tracksuit trousers
There are many different fits for the long training trousers: In addition to tight running trousers, there are loose-fitting and even extra wide versions that you can put on over sports shoes without having to take them off - perfect for those who come to training with long trousers, do sports in short training trousers worn underneath and put on long trousers again on the way home. 
Functional tracksuit trousers
Today, many men's training trousers also come with extras: In addition to the usual trouser pockets in wide tracksuit trousers, the tighter models also have sewn-on pockets that provide space for keys or a mobile phone. 

What materials should men's tracksuit trousers be made of?
Training trousers made of cotton
As far as the material is concerned, training trousers for men are available in different designs to suit the respective sport. The classic cotton jogging trousers are popular - but no longer for sports, as they are too heavy and usually too warm. 
Training trousers made of modern materials
We are therefore constantly working on improving the materials for our men's training trousers so that you can wear light, breathable, water-repellent and/or flexible training trousers during your sporting activities as you wish, providing you with the necessary support and protection. Most men's training trousers are made of synthetic materials that transport sweat away from the skin to the outside, keeping you dry and comfortable. 
Training trousers for the winter
Models for the cold season can be lightly lined or have a roughened inside to keep you nice and warm during training without losing the breathable functions. 


For which sports are tracksuit trousers for men suitable?

Training trousers for outdoor sports
Men can of course wear tracksuit trousers for any sport - they should only be suitable. Footballers and basketball players wear short, wide trousers on the pitch, but usually have additional long, wide tracksuit trousers that they can easily put on over the short ones. Away from the pitch, these trousers provide the necessary warmth, especially in a cold hall or on the football pitch in winter. 
Training trousers for runners
Joggers, on the other hand, need tight-fitting tracksuit trousers with flat seams that don't rub when running. Length is a matter of taste here, but there are thicker versions for the winter to keep muscles warm outside. 
Training trousers in the gym
In the gym, men's tracksuit bottoms depend on what they prefer to do there - while on the treadmill or crosstrainer a pair of shorts is great, on some exercise machines, especially for leg training, long tracksuit bottoms are better so that the shins are not in direct contact with the machine.


Tips for the care of men's tracksuit trousers

- Pay attention to the information on the wash list of your tracksuit bottoms.
- Close all zips and press studs on your tracksuit bottoms before putting them in the washing machine.
- When washing your synthetic tracksuit bottoms, use liquid detergent, which is better for the fabric.
- Fabric softener can damage the functional fibres of your tracksuit bottoms - it's better to leave it out!
- 30° is enough to keep your tracksuit bottoms fresh and clean.
- It is best to let your tracksuit trousers dry in the air - just like other functional clothing.


Training trousers for men in everyday life

Of course our men's training trousers are designed for your sporting activities in terms of cut, material and functions. Training trousers made of cotton, wide cut and comfortable, but have been a popular garment for many years when relaxing: Coming home, putting on sweatpants, relaxing (or doing gardening, working in the workshop, etc.). This is why men's tracksuit trousers, although not really suitable for sports, are always popular, and everyone will certainly have at least one pair of tracksuit trousers in their wardrobe. There is a new trend towards sporty everyday trousers: More and more men are also wearing tracksuit trousers at work or for weekend shopping - modern cuts, elegant materials and great design make it possible that a pair of tracksuit trousers for men can also become a pair of trousers for men suitable for everyday use!