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Accessories are our constants companions in everyday life. Whether is a stirrup or socks, hats or neck warmers all the way to captain bands. Every type of sports has its own accessories. For football for example, stirrups are essential. Accessories are always needed. They complete your outfit. Whether it is socks, stirrups, hats, caps or neck warmer all the way to captain bands.

For football you need stirrups and to complete your team outfit for the match you also need a pair of shin guards. The socks LAZIO is available in 26 colours in the JAKO online shop. Ever seen a team captain without his band? JAKO has various captain bands in different designs. Especially the captain’s band CLASSICO is very popular among clubs. It offers space for customization. So, your team’s logo or any other emblem can be added. To make sure you goalie is not blinded by the sun when making his safes, the JAKO caps will be a great helper. The size of the accessories for women can be adjusted through a metal clip. It will fit and not slide off your head.

Who doesn’t know this situation: you are in the stadium, cheering on your favourite team you are cold even though you are wearing a warm jacket. Perfect for the stadium, in the spectators’ seats, on the substitutes’ bank or anywhere else. The stadium blanket in the size 130 x 150 cm keeps kids and parents warm and cosy. Accessories are for life and are needed and used very often. The JAKOlettes flip flops for the summer and the hats and neck warmers in the winter. Check out the JAKO shop for what you need and shop accessories for warmer and colder days.