Kids Training jackets

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Being active is part of daily life activities. Unless it is the weekend, or you have school vacation you usually work out in the morning or most likely in the late afternoon and evening. During these times it can still be very cold outside.  Make sure, that you don’t freeze in your next training session and wear a JAKO training jacket.

Whether it is for football, tennis, or fitness. Playing on the street at school or on the field. The JAKO jackets look good and are practical. Sizes and colours are great, function and sturdiness amazing. Every year, JAKO designs a new collection for the market. The broad jacket collection with its various cuts and usage of different functional material offers the right jacket for any occasion. Additionally, all materials of the training jackets are easy-to-clean and durable. The jackets for kids keep their shape and colour even after multiple washes. Very comfortable and a favourite of all children’s jackets is the hooded jacket. This sporty and modern top is universal and can be worn in combination with jeans or training pants. It goes with any sports or leisure activity. No problem at all.

Selected styles are available in kids’ sizes and the hoods are without a string cord for safety. The training jackets for kids Performance, Challenge, Champ 2.0, Base and Classico all have a zip cover which keeps the zip from rubbing your chin. Various designs of the styles make the jacket a perfect companion for any activity. For teams, the jackets of the teamlines are ideal. Especially the line STRIKER jas many articles in children sizes available. Starting at size 116-164, any kid, small or tall, will find their size. See for yourself.

Order the training jacket for children and receive the jacket in 2-3 days.