Fairness not only plays a big role on the football field, but also is very important when interacting with our business partners . We assume responsibility within the entire supply chain. Our base for this is a long-term cooperation with our suppliers . Together with them we constantly work on improving the conditions in the textile production. This way we improve work conditions for people, the quality of the product and save resources. 

We assume responsibility.


JAKO is a member of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles. The merger of companies in the textile and clothing industry, associations as well as political organizations pursues the goal of improving social, ecological and economic conditions in the textile production worldwide. Within the roadmap we have set various goals in the areas of chemical and environmental management, social standards and living wages and natural fibres. 

As an amfori member we emphasise on  fair and safe work conditions at our suppliers. The amfori code of conduct contains regulations to protect employees as well as management practice, no dubious employment, work hours, salary, child labour, forced labour, discrimination, work conditions, health and social institutions, health and workplace safety, environmental protection and protection of young employees. 


All JAKO products meet the legal requirements as for example the Textile Labelling Act, the Product Safety Act or the Regulations for Personal Protection Equipment. Additionally, JAKO has its own standards for textile-physical exams like washing and shrinking behaviour, abrasion resistance, tear resistance or colour fastness. Independent test laboratories supervise these during the development and production process.


We take the protection of customers and environment very serious. All JAKO products have to meet the standards and regulations of the German Fashion Modint Restriced Substances List to ensure that no dangerous or prohibited substances are used. Also, textiles suppliers are obligated to use materials that meet the minimum requirement of the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, class 2 and proof this with current certifications and audit reports.


JAKO does not own any production plants, but places orders with independent suppliers. Therefore, it is very important for us to know where, who and how our products are manufactured. For this reason, we carefully select our suppliers and visit them regularly. We concentrate on a few exclusive suppliers  and work together with in long-term partnerships. This increases the transparency and ensures consistent high quality as well as fast delivery to our customers.