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WE ARE TEAM. Each weekend teams play in their leagues to win and bring home points. Team spirit is important for any team. You and your team always want to look good when playing team sports. That is the reason to choose JAKO clothing collections.

The JAKO collections also known as teamlines are perfect for equipping teams and individual athletes. Every year there are new teamline design, however the old teamlines are still available. That is a great feature for clothing lines. Everyone has the same issue. A team plays in a certain gear. When a new player or athlete joins the team, they will also need an outfit. With the long runtime of the teamlines you can order the exact same outfit for your new teammate. JAKO will provide selected styles and teamline for up to four sometimes even five years top guarantee the same outfit. Even when you only need to replace a pair of shorts or a t-shirt. It is not necessary to buy the whole set. Pick what you need, and the colour will still be the same.

JAKO is also known for their great size and colour variety. With eight teamlines in eight different styles any team will fight the perfect outfit. Teams and individual athletes prefer the teamline STRIKER 2.0. Its modern design with its sporty cuts and functional materials is the perfect team outfit. It is easy to pick your style from the ten colour variations. Breathable functional materials dry quickly and offer great wearing comfort. JAKO has the perfect teamline for any occasion. If you love to dress sporty and casually, then the teamline PREMIUM is ideal for you.  With this teamline, athletic cuts and trendy melange looks meet wearing comfort and functionality with a high-quality material mix, a great combination for sports and free time activity. JAKO offers a great size and colour selection for children. Besides Performance, Challenge, Champ 2.0, Base and Classico, the teamline STRIKER 2.0 is ideal for kids and youth teams. The series is a real highlight. All STRIKER articles are available in children sizes.

Go get your team equipped with a JAKO collection.