Classico for Kids

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With eight collections, in nine different styles and up to ten various colours the JAKO collection are perfect for team sport. You are looking for a classic outfit to play sports in? You want your child to wear functional sportswear.

CLASSICO delivers what the name promises: a timeless design at an unbeatable price. With its run time until 2022, the line is ideal to equip teams at all levels. It is a real allrounder in sports like football, volleyball or track and field. Functional materials are very important when playing sports. For this reason, all teamlines have the KEEP DRY function. Functional fibres transport the moisture away from the body directly to the outside of the fabric. The material dries very quickly and protects you from cooling. Best comfort is guaranteed. Breathable polyester fabrics are quick drying and offer a great wearing comfort whether you are working out or chilling at home. There is one thing this collection is different from the other JAKO collections. Its size selection is huge. Polyester suits and matching training trousers are available for the youngest ones starting at size 104. Also, polyester, training and presentation trousers are in long and short sizes available. An additional style is the tank top, a style which only selected JAKO line offer. Additionally, to the KEEP DRY function, the KEEP FRESH function is a feature of this collection. The KEEP FRESH function keeps you fresh and clean. Special functional fibres absorb unpleasant odours and have an anti-bacterial effect.

Free space on the back and front of the tops give plenty of room for customization. Go get your CLASSICO team outfit at the JAKO shop.