Women Shorts

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Every team outfit needs a matching short for the jersey. No matter which type of sport you play. JAKO has shorts and skirts for any occasion. The sport short perfectly match the jersey collection. You have your choice of JAKO shorts with or without an inner slip. The size and colour selections are large and selected styles. All shorts are made of a breathable and quick drying material.

The JAKO shorts selection scores with a great choice of colours and designs, whether you are looking for a sporty, classic or modern look and fit. The JAKO sport short complete every sport outfit. All sport shorts are made of 100 % polyester and have the KEEP DRY function. Microfine fibres transport the moisture away from the skin to the outsides of the material. The material dries fast and keeps your body from cooling. Even during strenuous activities, you will keep a comfortable body climate. Besides football wear we also offer tennis sportswear. In 2019, the new skirt was introduced to the women sport world. A specially designed women’s cut combined with an elastic waistband guarantee a great fit. The skirt is with an inner slip and available in the sizes 3XS to XXL. The skirt is made of 80 % polyester and 12 % elastane. This way you can reach for any ball since you will be able to move freely.

Go get your women skirt for your next match or wear it for fun. It is up to you.