Women Jackets

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In spring time, fall or winter the JAKO jackets are your best friend. Whether it is used as an in-between jacket for cooler summer days or as a rain or hooded jacket during practice. Our jackets withstand any weather. Any outdoor activity you plan. JAKO is by your side. Our softshell rain and hooded jackets are great for any season. The jackets are made in many different variations. The special tailored women’s cut is a favourite piece of clothing in any girl’s closet. Get your jacket now for later.

Softshell jackets
The softshell jackets are made of 100 % polyester and protect you from the cold, keep you warm and offer a comfortable and ideal body climate. The WIND STOP function of the JAKO softshell jacket block the cold wind chill effect and keep you warm and cosy. For women the jackets are available in the sizes 34-44. Softshell jackets are ideal for between seasons.

Rain jacket & outdoor jackets
Only high-quality fibres and materials are used when making these jackets. All rain and outdoor jackets have the STOP WIND function, which ideally blocks the wind and keeps you from cooling. Insulating functional materials offer protection from wind and weather.  The outdoor jackets are well thought through. Maximum functionality and wearing comfort while being able to move freely are very important when manufacturing the jackets. Functional and comfortable. The JAKO jackets.