Kids Training suits

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For sporty children, for all those who want to be, and for all children who are active in their leisure time, a children's tracksuit is exactly the right choice. There is a large selection of children's tracksuits, so you are sure to find the right sports suit for your child.

Children's tracksuit: The must-have for active little ones

Children need exercise - and they actually always show that. Whether romping around in the kindergarten or on the playground, at football training, in the basketball club or romping around in the garden of your best buddy: in a tracksuit for children, your little ones are always well equipped with all the necessary freedom of movement and protection from wind and weather. Of course, children's tracksuits are particularly hard-wearing, so you don't have to worry about your newly acquired sports suit breaking down quickly.


Which material for a children's tracksuit?

Above all, children must feel comfortable in their tracksuit. Up-and-coming football stars have other preferences than cosy garden robbers: While for some a children's tracksuit made of high-quality polyester - breathable and light - is the better choice, the home fraction feels better in a comfortable, warm children's tracksuit made of cotton. The bottom line is that what really matters here is your children: Children's tracksuits come in a variety of styles, and the best thing is to let your little athletes touch the fabric and they'll tell you which material they like and which they don't like in a tracksuit.


Tracksuits for children - a multitude of colourful ideas

A sports suit for children must fit and of course look really cool! That's why you can put together the perfect children's tracksuit with us in terms of colour and model. Does your sportsman want tight trousers or more trousers? Should the jacket have a stand-up collar and be colourful or a hood and a cheerful black? Whatever your kids' tastes, we have the right tracksuit for them. The children's tracksuits can also be adapted to their use: Most of our children's tracksuits are suitable for the way to and from training to keep warm, or for a break on the bench in the cool basketball hall. By the way, thanks to cords in the waistband, you can adjust the trousers of the children's tracksuit perfectly to your kids' physique.


Washing children's tracksuits: no challenge!

Tracksuits, whether for children or adults, are usually made of high-quality synthetic fibres and therefore require special care. It is best to wash children's tracksuits with liquid detergent and without fabric softener - this damages the functional fibres. The tumble dryer is not recommended either, but the light fabrics of children's tracksuits dry quickly on the clothesline. Our most important tip, however: Get yourself - or your children - several sets of tracksuits. After all, experience shows that they end up in the washing machine more often than their larger counterparts ...