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Now we are missing the matching sport trousers for the jersey and then the match can begin. That is not a problem. In our category sport trousers you will finde what you need for sure and it will perfectly match your jersey or any other JAKO product. You have a choice of six various article with up to 18 unique colour combinations for your individual outfit. The JAKO shorts perfectly match the jersey collection in colour and style and are made of 100 % polyester. Whether you play football, basketball or leisure activities, JAKO has the perfect sportswear for you.

You love to kick the ball around? Either on the street or in the pitch? Playing in jeans is not as comfortable as a pair of training pants. You need more freedom of movement when you dive for the ball. The JAKO trousers collection has a great selection of designs, colours, sporty, classic or modern…anything. The elastic hem with cord sting guarantees a secure fit. All shorts are made of breathable and quick-drying material.

You need some shorts for training? The tops of the teamline Performance, Challenge, Champ 2.0, Base and Classico perfectly match training trousers and are great for any outfit. The JAKO kids sportswear is available in sizes 104 for small kids to 164 for teenagers. Get the JAKO sportswear for your team in the JAKO shop.