Kids Basics Trousers

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All kids and children love to wear comfortable trousers. Whatever they do, the pants need to fit perfect, when running, playing, jumping, sliding, rolling or any other activity kids love to do. Beside fitting perfectly and looking great, the trousers also need to endure and withstand a lot and at the same time be easy to clean.

The JAKO basic trousers fulfil all demands and requirements. Whether you are at home on a wooden floor our outside in the garden on grass or sand or even playing on the street, kids simply love the JAKO basic trousers and pants. The ideal wearing comfort and the necessary robustness is given through the cotton-polyester material mix. The elastic waistband with or without drawstring makes sure you can easily put the trousers on and take them off fast. Even when running around wild and going crazy on the playground the stay in place and don’t slide down. And of course, jogging trousers can always be worn. Kids would wear them every day if they could. At home, on the playground, at sports class and so on. The JAKO basics are the best friends of kids, children and teenagers at any time of the day and anywhere. Make sure you child has one or two or more.

All basic trousers can perfectly be combined with other basic products made by JAKO. Take a jogging trouser,  a basic t-shirt and a hoodie and the outfit for your child is ready to go. The perfect mix of wearing comfort and sturdiness as well as the versatile wearing possibilities make the JAKO jogging trousers to an absolute must-have for your closet. Especially for your kids closet. High-end material and great JAKO quality make sure the trousers last long and keep their form whatever your kids might do with them. Jogging trousers at the JAKO online shop. Go get them now.