Silverstar aims for 10% female quota

Our supplier Silverstar from Pakistan wants to achieve a women's quota of 10 %.
Silverstar aims for 10% female quota
Making the world a little better every day is especially challenging when cultural resistance makes this goal difficult. Nevertheless, our long-standing supplier Silverstar from Pakistan has now set itself the goal of achieving a 10 per cent quota of women among all employees. At the company's headquarters near Sialkot, Pakistan, this is not a matter of course.

In Pakistan, girls and women often cannot live a carefree life. They are often married off very young, have no voice in a conservative culture and are prevented from attending school in parts of the country. If women want to work, there is a general belief that their families must give them permission to do so.

Silverstar's commitment is so important because the company is one of the largest employers in the region and can initiate positive developments. Moreover, our partner even has its own department that takes care of social issues. Silverstar is certified according to the international standard SA 8000:2014, which sets high standards for workers' working conditions.