Our partner Werbeexpress supports „Aufbaugilde Heilbronn“

Our retail partner "Werbeexpress" supports the project #SPENDETWAERME of the Aufbaugilde Heilbronn.
Our partner Werbeexpress supports „Aufbaugilde Heilbronn“
A warm place when it snows or a thick pullover on frosty days are a matter of course for many people. However, for those who are excluded from the housing market, these things are literally essential for survival. That is why our trade partner "Werbeexpress" supports the project #SPENDETWAERME (which means „provides warmth“) of the Aufbaugilde Heilbronn.

At www.spendetwaerme.de and at selected retailers, JAKO items such as hoodies, caps or scarves can be bought for this purpose, depending on the season. The profits are used to finance the costs of an overnight stay in the frostbite protection of the local cold aid and to donate articles of clothing to people without a permanent residence.

The Aufbaugilde's cold assistance is based primarily on volunteer help and is the only service of its kind in the city and district of Heilbronn. In the months from November to March, visitors of the cold assistance are looked after by volunteers. The frostbite shelter offers more than 16 overnight places for men and women every day from 20:00 to 08:00. Homeless people can have breakfast and showers free of charge at the support centre, and receive warm clothing and medical assistance. The frostbite shelter is financed exclusively by donations, as there are no public subsidies.

Aufbaugilde Heilbronn GmbH is a diaconal social enterprise and has been active for many years in the areas of homeless aid, unemployment aid, addiction aid and debt counselling, as well as in the areas of education, training, qualification and placement-oriented temporary work. The goal is to sell at least 1,000 hoodies. With this solidarity campaign, together with the Aufbaugilde Heilbronn, we support the overnight accommodation of homeless people in the coming winter.