JAKO starts partnership with Niko Kappel

The shot-putter and Paralympics athlete is now a JAKO brand ambassador.
JAKO starts partnership with Niko Kappel
Niko Kappel is now a JAKO brand ambassador. As a gold medallist at the Paralympics in Rio 2016, he is one of the most popular para-athletes in German sport. The connection to JAKO came through VfB Stuttgart, for whom the shot-putter is competing since 2020.

The 26-year-old has already won several important titles in his discipline of para-shot-putting and even held the world record until 2020. His next goal is to win a gold medal at the Paralympics in Tokyo this summer. Niko Kappel is one of the top favourites here.

With his life story, Kappel shows that people can be successful in competitive sport despite physical limitations. This makes him a role model for many people in terms of ambition and motivation. Niko Kappel uses this role to also get strongly involved in society - for example in the area of inclusion or in the promotion of young talents. With VfB Stuttgart, Kappel has a strong club behind him that supports him in achieving his sporting and charitable goals.  

Tobias Röschl, CMO of JAKO, says: "JAKO is the brand for every team and every sport. We are delighted to have found a brand ambassador in Niko, who will represent JAKO in the environment of Paralympic sport from now on. His success as an athlete as well as his likeable and engaging personality make him the perfect team player. As an athlete of VfB Stuttgart, he also has a close connection to one of our existing partners."
Niko Kappel is looking forward to the cooperation: "As a VfB Stuttgart athlete and passionate football fan, the connection to JAKO is obvious to me. I'm happy about the cooperation and am excited about the upcoming projects."