JAKO starts partnership with Mo Jamal

The football freestyler is now a JAKO brand ambassador
JAKO starts partnership with Mo Jamal
Mo Jamal is now a JAKO brand ambassador. The football freestyler from Düsseldorf combines the sports of football, acrobatics and breakdancing with his tricks. He shows this especially on his Instagram channel Mo.Jamal.

The 29-year-old started with classical football. Through his interest in the dance form breakdance, Mo Jamal tried to combine the two sports. This resulted in football freestyle, in which he always translates his creative ideas into new tricks and shows.

During his visit to the JAKO Teamcenter, Mo was given a look behind the scenes in Hollenbach. The football freestyler gave the employees a taste of the tricks he has in his repertoire. In the afternoon he went to the Mercedes-Banz Bank FootgolfCup, where he formed a team together with JAKO brand ambassador Niko Kappel and VfB professional Luca Pfeiffer.