Commitment to sustainability and the region

JAKO signs the WIN Charta of the state of Baden-Württemberg and publishes the target concept.
Commitment to sustainability and the region
As a signatory to the WIN Charta, JAKO published the associated target concept in January. It is our commitment to our economic, ecological and social responsibility as well as to our home region. In the concept, we define the targets and measures for the year 2022.

Sustainability business initiative
The „Wirtschaftsinitiative Nachhaltigkeit“ (WIN), a sustainability business initiative of the federal state Baden-Württemberg, addresses companies with the objective of sustainable management. By signing the charta, companies commit themselves to adhering to the twelve guiding principles and to further increasing their own sustainability. With regard to the content the goals are divided into the three dimensions of sustainability - economic, ecological and social.

Our guiding principles for the current year
In the current year we are focusing on the three guiding principles of employee well-being, product responsibility and incentives for rethinking. As a family business, employee well-being has always been our top priority. During the pandemic, it is particularly important for us to support our employees and, following our motto WE ARE TEAM. Along the supply chain, we attach importance to maintaining good and long-standing relationships with our suppliers and creating good working conditions. Together we want to make our supply chain more transparent and use sustainable materials.
With the publication of the target concept, we have one year to implement the measures. The activities are evaluated and new targets are set in the subsequent reporting.

WIN!-Project „mensch-united e.V.“
WIN Charta members not only implement sustainability internally, but also in the direct corporate environment via a local WIN! project. Here we work together with the association mensch-united e.V. from Bretzfeld, a small city in our region. Together with mensch-united e.V. we want to build a long term partnership and cooperate on various projects.
Click here to find the JAKO target concept: https://www.nachhaltigkeitsstrategie.de/wirtschaft/win-charta/win-charta-unternehmen/detail/jako-ag