JAKO will remain a family company in the future

Rudi Sprügel hands over the chairmanship to the next generation.
JAKO will remain a family company in the future
After 32 successful years at the top of JAKO, founder Rudi Sprügel becomes the new chairman of the supervisory board and hands over operational responsibility to the new board. This consists of the new members Nadine Sprügel (37, Purchasing and Product) as CEO, Yvonne Sprügel (36, Deputy Chair, Finances and Human Resources), Tobias Röschl (37, Marketing and Sales) and the long-standing board member Markus Frank (52, Digitization and Logistics).

"I am pleased to be able to pass the baton on to the next generation," explains Rudi Sprügel. “JAKO will remain a family business in the future and my daughters, as well as Markus Frank and Tobias Röschl, who have already had a decisive influence on our development with our entire team in recent years, will carry the JAKO idea forward. Just like we have always done: with the clear vision of being the perfect partner for all teams and dealers. And always with the willingness to question oneself, to accept new things and to develop together. "

Nadine Sprügel, who joined the company in 2006 after completing her international degree and was responsible for various departments and areas in product development, purchasing and quality assurance, is responsible for purchasing and product. “Offering our dealers and clubs the right and constantly available product was my father's drive from the start. This idea, coupled with the special spirit in dealing with customers, suppliers, and employees, which we summarize under the motto “WE ARE TEAM”, is what we still live today. In the future, too, we will stand for the perfect team sports collection, constant availability and fast delivery as well as close partnership with our dealers and clubs.”

"We focus on our team"

JAKO is a healthy and economically strong company. Yvonne Sprügel, who came to JAKO in 2007 and was responsible for departments and areas in finance and controlling, played a key role in this. She states: "Economic and financial sustainability in connection with a high equity base will continue to be the focus of our financial strategy." In the future, she will be responsible for finance and human resources on the Executive Board: “In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we will also need enthusiastic, loyal employees in the future. We therefore specifically focus on offering our team an attractive working environment. We promote development, a sense of community and build on our training. The last few years have shown that we have been able to attract many young, committed employees who, together with our long-term top performers, will carry the JAKO idea into the future. In this future we would like to continue to fill the special spirit, which we also summarize internally under the motto WE ARE TEAM, with life and convey to the employees how important they are for our company. For example, right at the beginning of the pandemic we gave our employees security and ruled out redundancies. "

"We put our customers at the center of everything we do"

The focus of the JAKO strategy will continue to be the cooperation with specialist retailers. "We put our customers at the center of everything we do," says Tobias Röschl, who has been with the company since 2007 and will be responsible for Marketing and Sales in the future. “By focusing on sports retailers, JAKO has grown into one of the largest suppliers in the German-speaking market in recent years. In addition, we have also established a leading position in the Benelux countries and are currently expanding this in the direction of France. We want to continue this dynamic development in a competitive market by relying on our strengths in product and availability and new digital solutions. We see that our dealers are facing many challenges and therefore invest heavily in digital and structural concepts with which we want to take dealers and clubs with us into the future.
The market and general development increasingly require us to think JAKO 360 °. With our online team shops 'Click the Club', of which we have already initiated more than 5,000, the Teamshop89 concept, in which we support dealers who strategically focus on team business and JAKO, and our new product area 'Corporate Teamwear' we will be in stock from Q2, we are investing long-term in the future together with our trading partners. Our focus is also on developing our brand. Together with our partners, we want to make JAKO even more tangible, more attractive and better known."

"We will accommodate the demands of our customers even better"

Markus Frank shares this credo: “Our entire organization is geared towards optimally serving our trading partners. We are constantly working to accommodate their demands and to optimize our process and supply chain accordingly. Simple, digital order channels and connections, fast, reliable deliveries with the option of adapting logistical processes to individual requirements, these are the requirements for our infrastructure today. To ensure this, we continue to invest in increasing the storage area and, as a result, in increasing the degree of automation and delivery speed. With the new merchandise management system from 2022, we will continue to expand the proportion of digitized processes and will be able to respond even more precisely to customer requests.” Markus Frank, who has been a member of the board since 2002, is now driving forward all these projects in the board areas of digitalization and logistics.

A central concern of the new CEO Nadine Sprügel is the JAKO sustainability strategy 'Our Team for a better World': "We are convinced that we can only overcome current challenges such as environmental protection or fair and transparent production conditions in the supply chain together with our partners. Our 'Organic' team line will be a cotton collection from controlled organic cultivation and with the 'World' jersey we have developed a jersey made from 100% recycled textiles. These are just a few examples. In principle, we are working in all areas of the company to make ourselves even more sustainable, step by step. In this sense, I am looking forward to actively shaping the future of our family business together with our employees, our dealers, suppliers, associations and all JAKO partners. WE ARE TEAM!"

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