The Corporate Teamwear catalogue is here: JAKO now also equips companies!

Discover professional teamwear for work and leisure!
The Corporate Teamwear catalogue is here: JAKO now also equips companies!
We are starting into a new market. From now on there is corporate and leisure wear from JAKO for all companies that want to strengthen the team spirit of their staff. The first corporate teamwear catalogue in our company history is now available and can be downloaded here. 

We present our collection for companies on a total of 130 pages with numerous additional information. The highlights are two new teamlines that we have developed especially for our new customers: ORGANIC and DOUBLETEX.

100 % cotton from controlled organic cultivation

ORGANIC is our first teamline made entirely from certified organic cotton. This cotton grows without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers on fields that undergo regular crop rotation. Harvesting is done by hand and without chemical defoliants. The use of genetically modified seeds is prohibited. ORGANIC includes 8 styles and 16 different colours.

DOUBLETEX – an exclusively developed functional material

The teamline DOUBLETEX is highly functional and extremely durable. The functional material of the same name was developed exclusively with a long-standing supplier. DOUBLETEX combines the best properties of functional fibre and cotton. Breathable, fast-drying polyester fibres on the inside ensure rapid moisture removal through the capillary effect. Combed, long-staple cotton on the outside absorbs moisture produced on the skin surface and allows it to evaporate. The yarns are spun using the innovative VORTEX® process. You can find even more information about DOUBLETEX on a website where we present the material mix in detail. The DOUBLETEX teamline includes 5 styles, up to 8 colours. 

All articles from the teamlines ORGANIC and DOUBLETEX are now also available online. Click on the 'Corporate Teamwear' button at the top left of www.jako.de to access our new online shopping world.