JAKO supports the Ukraine help of STELP e.V.

Together with VfB Stuttgart and ALDI SÜD, a relief transport was set in motion.
JAKO supports the Ukraine help of STELP e.V.
As part of the 'Our Team for a better World' campaign, JAKO donated 25,000 euros to the STELP e.V. organisation from Stuttgart. Together with VfB Stuttgart and ALDI SÜD, this was used to launch a Ukraine aid transport.

Aid supplies from Stuttgart
STELP is a civilian aid organisation from Stuttgart that is active all over the world with a network of volunteers, partners and sponsors. After the war in Ukraine began, STELP reacted quickly and has been organising aid deliveries to affected areas. So far, the organisation has been able to send more than 30 deliveries with a total of 800 tonnes of aid worth 500,000 euros to Ukraine. The aim is to bring food, medicine and other essential goods to where they are needed most.

The founder and managing director of STELP, Serkan Eren, is also personally on site to coordinate the aid and helpers. While loading the joint truck in Murr, he describes the situation to the representatives of VfB Stuttgart, ALDI SÜD and JAKO in vivid words.

He says: "Our focus at the moment is on feeding the people in the country. The aid is arriving - and directly in the basements and bunkers in the embattled areas. This is how we reach those who are suffering the most. At the same time, we are in the process of creating escape routes and bringing people to safety. Every donation helps us, every euro arrives. 

The relief supplies reach far into eastern Ukraine, where people are currently suffering greatly. The situation in Ukraine is catastrophic. I was recently there myself for three and a half weeks and it is unbelievable that we are confronted with something like this in Europe. Fortunately, we have been able to set up logistics so that the large 40-tonne trucks can drive into Ukraine, from there they can be distributed to smaller camps and brought to the front in passenger cars. With this action we can actually save lives."

The STELP aid transport, which was supported by ALDI SÜD, VfB Stuttgart and JAKO, is loaded with 33 pallets and has already been on its way towards the Ukrainian-Belarusian border since Monday.

Sport4Ukraine: You donate. We double.
With the donation to STELP, JAKO is simultaneously participating in the 'Sport4Ukraine' campaign, which takes place under the motto "You donate. We double." JAKO is also taking part in the 'Sport4Ukraine' campaign, which collects funds for aid campaigns in Ukraine.

As an alliance of associations, brands, retailers and publishers from the sports industry, the aim of 'Sport4Ukraine' is to send a signal from the world of sport and to activate as many donors as possible through the combined forces. JAKO is part of the core team, which doubles the incoming donations with its own funds. Emergency aid is then provided to various aid organisations to alleviate the suffering of the people affected by the war in Ukraine.  
Nadine Sprügel, CEO of JAKO, says: "We are dismayed, horrified and saddened by the immense suffering and destruction that the war is bringing to the Ukrainian people. Therefore, it is a great concern for us and the entire JAKO team to make a contribution to help and to support the joint fundraising campaign. With our JAKO campaign 'Our Team for a better World', we are committed to a more sustainable future. Peace, human rights and cohesion are our top priorities. That's why we decided to donate to STELP as part of the campaign. Together with VfB Stuttgart and through the link to 'Sport4Ukraine', we as the sports industry are jointly carrying forward the team idea. WE ARE TEAM."

Tobias Röschl, JAKO's Marketing & Sales Director, says: "What is currently happening in Ukraine has had an emotional impact on us from the very first moment. The fact that there is a war so close to us is really incomprehensible. It was clear to us that we wanted to help with a donation. Sport unites. Together with VfB, we are filling the truck - thankfully with the support of ALDI SÜD, who are coordinating the whole thing. It is sad and beautiful at the same time. Nice that we can help in this way, but sad that there is this reason for it."

VfB Chairman Alexander Wehrle: "This war of aggression is terrible. It is a very important sign that we were able to spontaneously pack a truck with JAKO, STELP and ALDI SÜD to travel to Ukraine to provide concrete help. The issue will occupy us for the next weeks, months and maybe even years. I am very happy that we have such strong partners at our side to be able to help really quickly and unbureaucratically".

United in Sport for Ukraine. Donate now at www.sport4ukraine.de or directly to STELP e.V.. (IBAN: DE32 4306 0967 7001 8011 00 | BIC: GENODEM1GLS). Then send the donation receipt to spende@outtra.com so that it can be doubled.