JAKO player escorts with patients of the FORTEe study

Beaming children's eyes at the 5:0 victory of VfB Stuttgart
JAKO player escorts with patients of the FORTEe study

22 happy children were allowed to enter the pitch with the football pros during the 5:0 victory of VfB Stuttgart against SC Freiburg last Saturday. For this event, JAKO had invited children with cancer from the FORTEe project in Heidelberg as well as their siblings. In Heidelberg, they are taking part in a study that is researching on the subject of sport and digital health among children and adolescents.

A cancer diagnosis is a tough challenge to everyday family life, not only for the children suffering from the disease, but also for their brothers and sisters. The joy was all the greater when they were able to see their idols up close on Saturday. Already in February JAKO donated 100 jerseys to the study project in order to equip the little patients optimally for the research project.

About the project
"Strong against childhood cancer" is the motto of the FORTEe project, which has set itself the task of sustainably improving the physical and mental health of children and young people suffering from cancer through innovative sports programs and digital training technologies. The European research project was launched in 2021 and works with a total of 16 partner institutions from eight countries.